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US President Joe Biden promised on Thursday to make terrorists “pay” for the devastating strikes that killed 13 US service members and injured many more earlier in the day when ISIS militants detonated multiple bombs outside Kabul’s major airport.

Biden blamed the bombings on the Islamic State’s Afghanistan offshoot, saying it was to blame for the deaths of the Americans and many more Afghan civilians. He claimed there was no proof they worked with the Taliban, who currently rule the country.

Joe Biden is already facing widespread criticism in the United States, with some suggesting that he is the country’s worst president to date. When several other countries expressed their desire to extend the evacuation date, Joe Biden backed down after the Taliban issued a warning.

Taliban has also issued a statement claiming Kabul attack was a terror attack. According to the president, the US knows who the assailants are and that the military would “get them, wherever they are.”

Biden said he told his commanders that if more forces were needed to response to the new strikes, he would provide them, while recognising that there could be more. He did say, though, that for the time being, military commanders had agreed to keep to the mission’s original plan.

According to the statement by a Top US military commander, that the US was sharing intelligence with the Taliban in Kabul “to avert” terror acts. According to sources, in addition to sensitive intelligence, the US also gave the names and contact information of US citizens still on Afghan land.

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