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In reaction to China’s ban on Taiwanese pineapple imports, Taiwan has found a willing buyer in Japan, which has already placed pre-orders for over 6,000 metric tonnes, breaking previous records.

On Thursday (March 4), Council of Agriculture minister Chen Chi-chung said that Japan has pre-ordered over 5,000 tonnes of Taiwan-grown pineapples during an interview on the radio station Super FM98.5. A Japanese multinational distributor has also posted a pre-order for 1,200 tonnes, taking the total to 6,200 tonnes, according to Chen, breaking the previous record for pineapple exports to Japan.

He said that in the past, Taiwan had struggled to obtain large orders due to an unstable supply, which influenced Japanese buyers’ ability to commit to large purchases. Taiwan should “strike while the iron is hot” and create a special fruit export zone with Japan, according to Wu.

Japanese netizens also spoke out in support of Taiwan pineapples with comments such as: “The CCP’s ban on Taiwan pineapples just proves that Taiwan pineapples are of good quality. If the CCP doesn’t buy them, we Japanese will buy them. I bought some immediately and am eating them.”

According to the COA, more than 180 companies ordered 7,187 tonnes of pineapples, 19 companies ordered 15,000 tonnes of imported pineapples, 14 beverage shops ordered 4,500 tonnes, wholesalers and street market traders ordered 10,000 tonnes, and exporters and overseas groups ordered 5,000 tonnes.

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