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China has been continuously facing natural calamities in last few years. In a recent, Cities in Central China are under threat of highest flood level warning. Two cities in China’s central province of Henan issued highest flood warnings on Sunday (Aug 22), calling for local agencies to prepare for torrential rains, state television reported.

A major transportation hub, Xingyang and Changyuan in Henan has issued a warning raising threat level from II to I. the highest level on China’s four-tier scale, indicating the possibility of dam failures and massive simultaneous flooding.

Last month, heavy rains in Henan created floods that killed more than 300 people and halted factory activity. Xingyang and Changyuan were among the hardest-hit localities.


The province issued red alerts for torrential rains across numerous districts on Sunday, the strongest indicator on China’s four-color system, anticipating more than 100 mm (4 inches) of rain in three hours.

Henan has also halted port and wharf construction. Trains into and out of Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, are partially delayed or cancelled.

School, public transportation, factory, and commercial operations in other locations around the province have been halted until Monday evening.

Heavy rain has been forecast across China, particularly in Sichuan province in the southwest and Heilongjiang province in the northeast.

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