Edens Zero Season 2
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The Fairy Tail creator, Hiro Mashima had us in our clutches when he came up with his new manga series, Edens Zero!! The manga first made its debut on Shonen Weekly way back in 2018. However, the anime for the same came out just recently!  

Although the first season is yet to be concluded, fans are eagerly contemplating season 2! Such impatient fans I would say but who cares when the author is in the races of the SAME!! 

Would Netflix release season 2 of Edens zero, and even if it will, the question is WHEN?? And how many seasons will actually air? Can it be more than 2? Well! We all know about the golden rule of Netflix- “ If it shines, let it shine!” In simpler words, if the popularity of the series skyrockets, then there’s no denying the fact that the company will surely continue the series! The same goes for Edens Zero!

Stats indicate that Shiki and Rebecca will be staying with us a little longer! But how long? That’s uncertain! But in no way does it indicate that a “heart can’t expect!” So, Without further ado, let’s see what JC has in store for Edens fans!

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Edens Zero: The Story Of Shiki, Rebecca, And Happy!

Edens Zero, Hiro Mashima
Source: Comixology

This Sci-fi and fantasy manga and anime series has everything a shonen lover would want and so much more! It’s a perfect blend of magic, cosmos, and mystery where a guy named Shiki sets on his journey to find the creator of the universe, “Mother!” 

The story starts when Rebecca, a space traveller, lands on Sakura cosmos (cosmos where Shiki lives), with her Robot named Happy! Series of events lead them to explore the universe in the inherited ship “Edens Zero”. 

This journey is full of mystery and some hidden answers that our MC will need to figure out as he continues his way forward! Shiki needs to restore Edens Zero’s full Power to make way through Dragonfall (a sector in space that is full of dragons, borders Sakura cosmos). However, that task isn’t as easy as it seems! Shiki needs to have Valkyrie and Hermit onboard to restore Edens Zero’s full power! And FYI, This pair of sisters aren’t that easy to deal with! 

Well! Let’s see how Shiki accomplishes this task! Not here of course but as the story progresses! We at Eastern Interest follow the guidelines of #Nospoilers!!

Edens Zero Season 1

Edens Zero Season 1
Source: What’s on Netflix

Edens Zero’s first season aired on Nippon TV in Japan on April 11, 2021. The anime which is produced by J.C. Staff is set to have 25 episodes for season one, out of which only 20 episodes have aired so far. 

Netflix obtained the Global distribution rights for the anime and the same had its English premiere in August. And that’s where all the confusion and speculation resides! Questions like- How many seasons will Netflix release and what will be the number of episodes in season one? are frequently been asked! Well, the answer for that is still UNCERTAIN! But it is nothing to be disheartened over! 

It has been speculated that Netflix will divide the first season into two where the first season will have up to 12/13 episodes and the next, second season will have the rest of the episodes out of the total count of 25! 

When Will Netflix Air Edens Zero Season 2? 

when will Netflix air Edens zero season 2
Source: Popular Science

Netflix has split the first season into two without waiting for the series to have its finale in Japan. The finale of the first season will air in Japan on September 3rd. However, Netflix has aired 12 episodes of the same. 

Jacob Robinson, a specialist in anime and Netflix offers us his insights on Edens Zero Season two. According to him, we can expect the second batch of episodes to air anywhere between November – December! The reason for the same being that the 12th episode of the series aired on June 27th in Japan! 

What Will Happen In Season 2 Of Edens Zero? 

Hermit from Edens Zero
Source: Comic Book

Season one has left us hanging on what will happen in Season second. But that curiosity is only for those who haven’t read the manga! Our manga readers know that the anime has ended at some 30 chapters of the manga where Shiki has found Hermit!

So naturally, the season second will be about Shiki convincing the girl to join Edens Zero! But obviously, the task would not be easy and will be laden with twists! We’ll not reveal any spoilers here! So rest assured! This is just about what all you can look forward to!!! 


Edens Zero Season 2
Source: Monsters and Critics

Hiro Mashima has never disappointed us with any of his Shonen series! Although Fairy Tail fans thought the coming series of Edens Zero will be the sequel of Fairy Tail, it was surprisingly not so! But who cares when the same has a lot more to offer! We can still see remnants of our ended Fairy Tail in it! Now, all we need to do is look forward to the adventures of Shiki instead of Natsu!!!

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