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Artificial Intelligence is sweeping the globe, and the sector is quickly becoming a key area in the fight against the covid-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic, A.I gained more relevance than before. AI is a technological domain on its own, it enables machines to perform all the tasks that humans could do.

In the contemporary world, especially during the pandemic – major tasks have been performed online. Even certain apps have been created to combat the Covid-19. It is becoming a rapid approach across various fields in terms of medicine. AIs can perform the functions more consistently that humans can do or the things which humans cannot do with more grace.

The AI developers saw the pandemic as an opportunity and showcased its potential. AI technology to fight against Covid-19 was started and applications were developed with the accuracy over 60%. The apps were divided into 4 categories, a) forecasting and prevention, b) emergency operations and response, c) prevention of infection spread, and d) treatment and drug research.

Drug Development or Treatments have become segregated as the researchers use technology to develop new drugs or convert the old ones to vaccines. Vaccines are also being developed using AI-Algorithms and immense potential has been depicted for developing the drug in a limited time and this repurposing of drugs is expected to grow in the near future.

Even a Covid-19 voice detector app is also in consideration, if launched it will be able to detect the infection by hearing the voice. Thus , the app will require various sets of voice data in masses to be able to succeed. If such an app gets launched with all the regulations and mandates, then it will be a whole new achievement for the AI industry.

The Healthcare Industry has been progressing more since the involvement of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It is being used successfully in the identification of clusters like the containment zones , safe zones. The COWIN app can be used as an example. On the global level, websites like World in a data depicts the data of vaccinations have been inoculated or being administered in real time around the world.

Artificial Intelligence: Friend or Foe of the Healthcare Industry? - IEEE  Innovation at Work
credits – IEEE works

Though implications were there and will still continue to question the credibility of the AI and how it will be handled in the near future. Since AI has always been questioned in every sector. To provide more clarity, large databases for training AI models must be provided with the legal framework and ethical implications must be kept in mind related to data sharing and other processes as the privacy related issues can be a major factor of destruction.

Industry’s recent addition to elevate China’s healthcare system is a notable one. A joint lab has been set up by Sense Time, A leading company in A.I Industry and West China Hospital, Sichuan University. West China hospital’s team is strongly known for its research and strong medical resources. In a structured and systematic way, both parties are committed to nurturing the next generation of AI healthcare talent.

Located at the university’s West China Biomedical Big Data Center, it was opened during the 7th Conference on Biochemical Big Data and Artificial Intelligence that also marked the university’s 125th anniversary. It is a place for fundamental research in artificial intelligence healthcare, as well as an innovative platform for collaboration among medical professionals and researchers.

Dr. Li Kang, Director of the West China Hospital – SenseTime Joint Lab and PI at the West China Biomedical Big Data Center, Sichuan University and Dr. Duan Qi, Chief Technology Officer of Smart Health at SenseTime unveiled the.jpg
Dr. Li Kang, Director of the West China Hospital – SenseTime Joint Lab and PI at the West China Biomedical Big Data Center, Sichuan University and Dr. Duan Qi, Chief Technology Officer of Smart Health at SenseTime unveiled the joint lab – Sense Time

With a goal to facilitate technology innovation in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, the lab will focus on orthopedics, neurology, physiatry, radiology, cardiology, pathology, and medical ultrasound.

Sense Care , A healthcare platform is provided by Sense Time to create a seamless integrated system with the Hospital. This high performance diagnostic and treatment solution combines AI algorithms as well as image post processing technology.

With the help of the platform, different clinical departments will be able to access intelligent tools to assist them in the process of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery and ensure that doctors will be able to complete their diagnosis and treatment plans accurately and efficiently.

The pace at which China is progressing in the Artificial Intelligence Industry is ever growing. Moreover, along with the health sector, A.I is also venturing in other sectors too. Through the setting up of China’s first Virtual A.I student, it is evident that the evolution in China’s A.I is way more advanced and upgraded.

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