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Indian Navy in a daring move, soon after the June 15 Galwan Valley clash between the Indian and Chinese troops in East Ladakh silently deployed its front line warship in the South China Sea.

This bold move by the Indian Navy has certainly fumed the Chinese as Beijing showed it’s displeasure  over the decision during recent bilateral talks to deescalate tensions between the two neighbouring nations.

Beijing has been objecting to the presence of the IN warships in the region where it has significantly expanded its presence since 2009, by building artificial islands and increased military deployment. 

News agency ANI quoted government sources as saying: “Soon after the Galwan Valley clash broke out – in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed – the Indian Navy deployed one of its front line warships to the South China Sea where the People’s Liberation Army’s Navy (PLAN) objects to the presence of any other force claiming the majority of the waters as part of its territory.”

During the deployment in the South China Sea, the IN warship is said to have been in continuous touch with their American counter parts over secured communication lines, where the Americans had also deployed their frigates and destroyers. 

Though the deployment of the warship is said to be part of regular drill, government sources also added that the entire mission was done in a hush-hush manner to avoid any public glare on Navy’s activities. 

In addition to this, around the same time, the Navy had deployed its front line vessels along the Malacca Strait near the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and the route from where the Chinese Navy enters and exits the Indian Ocean Region to keep a check on the Chinese Navy. A number of Chinese Merchant Ships also pass through the strait while returning with oil or taking shipments to other continents. 

The Navy is planning to acquire and deploy autonomous underwater vessels and other unmanned systems and sensors on an urgent basis to keep a close watch on the Chinese activities from Malacca strait towards the Indian Ocean Region, government sources said. The sources further added that to keep the PLAN present around the Djibouti area in check, IN had already deployed it’s assets to protect the national interest. 

The Indian Navy has also deployed the MIG-29 K fighter planes at an important Air Force Base where they’re practicing mission for conflicts over land and mountainous terrain. 

The Navy is also trying to fast track the purchase of 10 Naval Ship borne Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

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