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Japan’s Defense Ministry aims to create artificial intelligence-equipped unmanned aircraft to complement the successor to the Air Self-Defense Force’s F-2 fighter fighters. These unmanned, remote-controlled fighter aircraft capable of high-speed manoeuvres might be deployed as early as 2035, anticipating additional advances in Chinese military technology and the rise of drone warfare.

According to the sources, the ministry will request funds under the government’s fiscal 2022 budget in order to expedite discussions on building AI-driven autonomous flight technology for unmanned aircraft. As the plan is to deploy unmanned aircraft around 2035 it will be likely to correspond with the launch of the next-generation fighter jet model.
While flying away from the fighter jets, the unmanned aircraft will provide backup. The aircraft will be used to identify enemy fighters and missiles early, launch missiles, perform electronic attacks, and operate as a decoy for hostile missiles, according to the ministry.

Unmanned planes can be deployed in risky airspace because even if they are shot down, there will be no human casualties.Unmanned aircraft may now take off and land independently, as well as communicate with the ground, according to technology developed by the ministry. However, autonomous flight necessitates even more advanced AI.

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