Maldives signs a pact with Japan
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India ocean region is surely playing a major role in the changing geopolitical dynamics of the 21st century. After major defence pact between USA and Maldives, now Maldives signed an agreement with Japanese counterpart for the grant of $ 7.6 Million to the Maldives Coast Guard and the Maritime Rescue and Coordination Centre, as an official press release from Male said.

The recent meeting which was held among the foreign ministers of QUAD countries was seen as one of the significant steps towards restricting Chinese influence. This is the second major pact between the Maldives and any QUAD member country. The assertive and aggressive foreign policy of Beijing is already disbalancing the regional security architecture. Growing cooperation between the different nations of the region will surely help to maintain peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region.

Maldivian Foreign minister Abdulla expressed his view about their close relationship with Japan. In order to maintain the Free and Open Indian ocean, the two countries have to coordinate with each other to counter the piracy, countering violent extremism and narco-trafficking. The recent Deal includes the “provision of communications equipment, professional search and rescue dive equipment,” the statement said.

From the Indian perspective, this news was welcoming. The growing partnership between Maldives and QUAD members is ensuring the rule-based order in the region. The present government of Maldives is resisting the Chinese investment in their country while working with other countries to balance their strategic and defence interest.

Sunday’s ‘Exchange of Notes’, as Tokyo terms its official development assistance to partners, falls under the Economic and Social Development Programme of the Government of Japan. From the past few years, the Japanese government is increasing its cooperation with the different countries of the Indian Ocean region. 

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