Our Partners

Our Partners

Ruang Internasional

Ruang Internasional was established in December 19, 2019 is an Anti-Mainstream Youth Organization #1 in Indonesia that was born from the initiative of some Indonesian Youth towards efforts to humanize and empower youth to become critical, creative, and active individuals in applying and developing their every ability to be able to participate and contribute in the global community both directly and through other contemporary platforms as a form of youth response to the development of science and technology.


The association seeks to achieve social and professional recognition of academic training and specialized in Asian studies, whose central purpose is Asia along with its different cultures. Since its creation, the Association of Graduates, Specialists and Professionals in Asian Studies (AGEPEA) has aimed to become the main national reference as a group oriented to the support, advice and promotion of studies focused in Asia, as well as people who are or want to dedicate their training and professional development in this field.

As experts in Asia, the cohesive community they can be offered as a dynamizing agent working together with society to work for enrichment and obtain the undeniable need for widespread social recognition, as is the case with other professions and academic fields.

Born in late 2020, Asiaverse is a youth-led initiative founded by women from Asia and Europe with the goal of sharing the latest news and analysis of the social, political, economic and environmental realities of ASEAN and East Asian countries. They are a platform for young people to learn, write and reflect on the latest Asian developments that influence our lives