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Recently, the Indo-Pacific coordinator of Biden’s Government, Kurt Campbell told in an interview that “The US administration has told the Chinese government that the US wasn’t going to leave Australia alone on the field.”

China is the largest trading partner to Australia, but the ties between both nations have deteriorated since April’20 when Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government called for independent investigators to be allowed into Wuhan to probe the origins of the coronavirus.

The Chinese didn’t appreciate the approach of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, resulting in imposition of various tariffs on Australian imports, which made Australia to suffer a hard hit.

In response to actions of Chinese Government , a senior aide to President Joe Biden told the Age newspaper that US relations with China won’t improve until Beijing stops its economic coercion against America’s close regional ally, Australia.

Australia is considered as the strongest regional ally of US Government in Indo- Pacific Region, which the main reason which instigated the US Government to take a stand for its counterpart.

Other nations including Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam have also been targeted by undeclared economic actions by Beijing, Kurt Campbell told the Melbourne-based newspaper.

The nod of support is an outcome of The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) Summit held on March 12, 2021, which did not name China directly, but Beijing seemed nervous and rattled about the event, as its national newspaper Global Times speculated US, Japan, India, and Australia to be hyping the “China threat” even before the event.

The leaders of Australia, India, Japan and the US vowed to promote regional security in their first virtual “Quad” summit.

So, after the statements issued by Biden’s aide, Australia has grasped the backing of its super-powerful counterpart against China.

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